Clean Citrus Pet™

Clean Citrus Pet™

The sweet aroma of mandarin, lemon, and bergamot will help eliminate pet odours and bad smells of your home's small spaces with 2X odour neutralizer* in every Clean Citrus Pet™ air freshener cone.

*Versus After the Rain® formula

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  • Renuzit® air freshener cone features the fragrance of a sweet, citrusy blend of mandarin, lemon, and bergamot.
  • Easy-to-use gel air freshener cone adjusts to the level of fragrance perfect for you
  • Simply pull to your preferred fragrance level – pull all the way up for the most fragrance and twist down to decrease fragrance level
  • Great for continuous freshness in small spaces, such as bathrooms, closets, and next to the kitchen sink
  • Simple to use with no outlets or batteries needed
  • Made with 98% biodegradable gel

How To Use


  • Read all instructions before using this product
  • To reduce risk of injury, intended for adult use only and close supervision is necessary when used near children
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Proper storage and maintenance are important to using the product safely
  • Avoid extreme cold and heat

To Store

  • Close cone and twist to secure
  • Store cone in the upright position in a dry location that is out of reach of children and pets
  • Keep in a temperature-controlled space and avoid extreme cold and heat